Mr & Mrs Russell-Swaine – Series I

Lloyd & Philippa

Wood Hall Hotel, Wetherby

Absolutely AMAZING service from all at Yorkshire Vehicle Hire! I recently hired the original series Land Rover to surprise my husband, Lloyd on our wedding day (as you can see from the pictures he was over the moon!) Lloyd loves Land Rovers more than he loves me, so I absolutely had to hire the perfect one. Tom was absolutely fantastic from the very first phone call. I rang him and explained my plan and despite my major lack of Land Rover knowledge, he knew exactly what I wanted and helped me put my all my secret plans into place.
Matt arrived on the day and he was an absolute pleasure to share our quiet little drive with. He was such a genuine, friendly guy and an absolute gentleman. Lloyd was in his element talking all his Land Rover jargon with Matt, he was like a kid at Christmas! Getting married the day before lockdown was pretty stressful so the quiet drive around beautiful countryside was a welcome distraction and is definitely one of our favourite moments from the day.
Tom and the team were all amazing from start to finish and I can’t thank you all enough. I wouldn’t hesitate to use the company again… In fact, whilst we were sat in the back of the Land Rover, Lloyd was already making plans to hire another one for a camping holiday! Looks like you have two happy customers for life (3 including our 5yr old daughter Poppy, who is also a big “Landy” Fan).

Photographer: Mr & Mrs Wedding Photography

Venue: Wood Hall Hotel, Wetherby

Vehicles: Winston

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